Siddha Marma Massage Yoga

Siddha Marma Yoga Massage course at Master Yoga is intended to educate all the important points in the human body plus hidden techniques of marma massage therapy and also to explain how to heal various health issues, specifically back problems and various neurological problems.

What is Marma

Marma is certain vital areas of the body. These vital points are the source of energy so they should be protective very well during any surgical intervention or procedure. A number of neurological problems can be heel by these Marma points. Most of these neurological problems come under the heading of Vata dosha these Vata disorders can be treated by marma therapy successfully.

The disruption of Marma is an important part of Siddha and Ayurveda anatomy. According to susruta (Ancient Aurveda text), there are 107 vital points in the body. These marma points are located in joints, muscles, veins, ligaments, bones.


On the physical level

Revitalize or reenergize the body tissues.

It removes blocks in energy channels called shrotas.


Sciatic pain

Urinary incontinence

Lumbar Spondylolisthesis (Disc bulge or prolapsed)

Urinary incontinence

Cervical Spondylosis

On the cellular level – improves the vital function

Digestion and elimination problems Respiration, blood circulation and excretion. General aging problems.

DigestionTo reduce the pain of nerves, muscles, ligament, bones and Muscular and joint pain, Frozen joint Muscular strain.

On the psychological level

It improves the mental faculty by directing positive direction Nervous system disorders.

Headaches and migraines Anxiety and depression Stress response, fears and phobias Confusion, memory loss and mental focus

To treat the disease of nerves and brain

IN traumatic neurological or neurosurgical lesions, hemiplegic and monoplegia.

On the spiritual level

Reasoning of mind, regulation and transformation of thoughts in positive direction.

Helps to concentrate towards the ultimate goal of life.

As a preventive measure, it helps to cope with the situations arising from different diseases.

Duration: 10 Weeks (2.5 Hrs per Week)

How to balance yourself before giving a massage

How to create relaxing and comfortable environment Different techniques of touch and pressure Introduction to Marma.

Marma points in different parts of our body Releasing of stored emotional tension Marma points related to different disease Whole body Siddha Marma oil massage Yoga Poses & Practices to activate & stimulate the marma points.

How to give marma therapy to yourself and others.

Practical Session

Marma Points

Marma massage

Marma healing technique

Basic Marma treatment

Marma treatment in spinal diseases

Marma treatment in related to joints Problems

Head & Foot massage

Full Body Massage

Most important marma points

Yoga Poses for marma therapy.

Course fees

780 CDN (including Colorful marma points, Tigger point’s therapy books, 1Ayurvedic Oil)

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