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Master Yoga Ayurveda Massage treatment center in Toronto, Canada is one of the best Ayurveda Body massage Treatment Center in Toronto which provides authentic and best Ayurveda massage treatment in GTA. Jey Siva., the Chief Massage Therapist and Managing Director of Master Yoga, Toronto is a young and enthusiastic Yoga Instructor and Ayurveda, Siddha Marma Therapist in Toronto with many years of experienced and professional qualified in his field. He is Holding M.Sc in Yoga. Enabling everyone to live a healthy life is the aim of Master Yoga.

Master Yoga is a well-known center for providing the best Ayurveda body massagetreatment in Scarborough.


Neurological Disorders

Muscular Problems / Diseasess

Bone, Joint & Spine Related Problems

Head Ache and Related Problems

Sleep Disorders

Life Style Disorders

Circulatory Disorders

Mental Disorders – Disturbances of Mind

Ayurvedic Massage

Treatment plan is customized

Many of our treatments are based on the principles of Ayurveda, a 5,000-year old system of holistic Indian medicine. According to this philosophy, the key to a long and healthy life is achieving a balance between body, mind and spirit.Ayurvedic treatments work from the inside out to bring your dosha (personality) into perfect harmony so you can enjoy perfect health. A Dosha is your personal physical attributes, three doshas are sanskrit words that describe physical, emotional and mental tendencies.

Ayurveda, like Chinese medicine is growing in popularity because people are more informed about natural medicine through Yoga and the importance of self-care. Ayurveda teaches us self-care practices so we can take responsibility for our own health, and if we notice subtle changes in how we are feeling, simple corrections can be made through lifestyle adjustments, activity and food choices.

(Ayurvedic Body Massage)

Abhyangam is an Ayurvedic massaging treatment mostly beneficial for rejuvenation, the treatment act as a protector and preserver which helps in increasing the self-confidence and will power of the individual. The treatment involves body massage with a large amount of medicated oils which helps greatly in increasing the immune power of an individual by increasing the white blood cell production in their body. The treatment is used as a Dinacharya, according to the ancient Ayurvedic inscriptions which are used to maintain the complete health of the body. The treatments help in powering up the defence mechanism of the body, and provide immunity to resist the sudden environmental changes. the massage done with the medicated oils applied all over the body by applying pressure to the nerves, muscles and vital parts of the body, helps in strengthening the muscles, improving the blood circulation and Nerve conductions. The treatment is mostly a prescription for the complete nourishment of the body, to maintain a balanced dosha, and to bring the disturbed dosha to a balance. The treatment is also the best remedy for improving the health of the skin by improving the condition of a dry and damaged skin and dry, rough-cut hair.

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This is my 3 time at Swiss cottage but my first experience at this place. My guy was Jey he did a great job. This is my place to relax my body at Toronto.


This humble yoga spa does not elude to just how incredible the therapists and massages are. Jey Siva spent a full 60minutes doing a thorough traditional Ayurveda Oil Body massage – we liked it so much we went back four times! Go there!!


Had a lovely relaxing & energizing traditional Ayurveda massage for $60.
Staff is very nice and friendly, I will visit again, would definitely recommend. 🙂


Namaste. My partner, and I both got treatments here. My therapist was just great. Jey is so knowledgeable. Thanks guys!


I had the Abhyangam massage ayurvedic treatment, in this place. It is an oil massage with herbal. Jey Siv (the man) offered to me a great massage and a very pleasant moment. The place is simple, clean with music. They propose other ayurvedic treatments and already I decided to try them! I had other ayurvedic in Toronto and India but, for me, this one is best and makes me very relax. Thank you Master Jey.

Meet the Founder

Jey Siva

M.Sc In Yoga, E-RYT
Professor of Yoga, Annamalai University Canada Campus

Jey is an experienced certified instructor (17 Years) who has dedicated his life to the art of Yoga. He is committed and passionate about helping and healing others through his love for Yoga. He is a highly knowledgeable individual whose educational background includes: M.Sc in Yoga from India’s prominent Annamalai University-India, trained at the Swami Vivekanda Yoga University -Bangalore,India and Certified in Babaji Kriya Hatha yoga by Babaji’s Kriya Yoga Ashram-Quebec, Canada,Jey is one of a leading Siddha Marma yoga Consultant in Canada,Who trained traditionally and Certified by Thirumoolar Siddha research instituteSriLanka, Treating and Practicing Siddha marma points & Marma yoga last eight years. Holds a Diploma in Acupuncture and Alternative Medical Therapy and holds an International Registered Yoga teachers license (E-RYT). He is also professionally qualified in Ayurveda Abjanga (Body Works). He has also worked with leading medical experts around the world to provide wellness through yoga.

His teaching style incorporates the full concept of yoga aiming to balance the five koshas in every class. He motivates his students to understand the poses and have mindfulness in their practice. His classes incorporate meditation, asana ,pranayama and relaxation. He is committed to explaining the scientific and spiritual context behind yogic concepts. Jey has created and successfully conducted yoga classes for all age groups allowing them to experience yoga within their own nature.

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