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Nirrsan Navaratnerajah

Great class, Master Jeya is a dedicated teacher that is down to earth and always looks out for the best for his students. He has a good sense of humor and always makes class very enjoyable and makes you happy that you are attending the class.

முரளீதரன் நவரத்தினம்

முரளீதரன் நவரத்தினம் யோகா பட்டயப்படிப்பு-2014 யோகா பட்டயப்படிப்பு, என்னைப் பொறுத்தவரை மனிதனின் இயற்கையான, நிலையான ஊரான யோகபுரத்திற்கு திரும்புவதற்கு சரியான பாதையைக் காட்டக் கூடியது. எனினும் அதனை சிறப்பாக வழிநடத்தக்கூடிய கருவியை(GPS), பல வருட அனுபவமும் ஆற்றலும் உள்ள எமது குரு ஜெயரஜூன் சிவலிங்கம் அவர்கள் கொண்டுள்ளார். யோகத்தை அனுபவித்தறிவது சிறப்பு.

Suba Nagulananthan

Diploma in Yoga, year 2014 I still remember looking at the objective for the Diploma in Yoga, Annamalai university,distance education,which read” primarily designed to cater to the demands of the people who wish to pursue higher studies in Yoga both theoretically and practically ” last summer 2014 before joining I am realizing a year after in 2015, the knowledge, experience what I have gained under our One and only Yoga Master (MASTER YOGA ) Jeyarajeen Sivalingam. It would not have been possible if it wasn’t his teaching. Amazing, amazing Guru. Master, in you, I found a friend, philosopher and guide. You helped me through Yoga realize who am I. Thank you for being /been a wonderful teacher. Thank you from bottom of my heart. Peace for everyone OM SHANHHY

Sharmila J.

Thank you Master for sharing your knowledge of yoga. Your teachings really have transformed me, I have learned so much about myself through your course. You genuinely teach from the bottom of your heart. From the first day, you have had the talent of making everyone feel comfortable. Your vast knowledge and understanding of yoga is evident throughout each and ever class. Master Jeya tries his very best to individualize the delivery of materials to meet everyone’s level. He is always prompt with replying to emails and happily clarifies doubts. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn about the basics of yoga or anyone wanting to go deeper into this journey. Peace.

Pushpa J.

Dip. in Yoga course is such an extra ordinary valuable education. Master Jeyarajeen Sivalingam, who is an awesome, dedicated, caring & well-talented teacher, enriched the program with his vast knowledge & took us in to a deeper level. Master’s pleasant, friendly attitude towards students add more beauty to this program. I am really thankful to my master, for giving me this great opportunity to be part of learning this art of living. Personally, this program molded me a lot. I learned that yoga is not just asanas, but it also teaches about the psychic body and physiological body too. It is very useful to learn this deep knowledge in this modern stress full life in order to live healthy.

Phiriyangha Panchalingam

When I was first introduced to yoga, I thought it was all about meditation and asanas along with their benefits to the human body. After taking this course I’ve learned that there is a lot more to it. For example, I learned about Astanga yoga, shat kriyas, pranayama and much more! I still remember the first day where Master told us to learn everyone’s name and birthday. I thought that was a nice and fun way to learn about each other. Everyone including Master was very inclusive and supportive. After each class, I see a change in my attitude where I am a lot more happier then I was when I had to wake up early in the morning. By the end of the course, waking up early didn’t seem like a big issue to me since I had a lot to look forward to in the day. I would recommend this course to all ages because you learn a lot whether it has to do with asanas, theory, or commitment!

Muhundarajah Raman

Thiru, Jeya Siva is gifted to be a suitable teacher who has the expertise of this art, with a genuine love and regard for his Asanas. My master has impressed me as a great exponent of Asanas with a spiritual path. The course was extremely interesting, very instructive, and highly useful. Personally, I feel greatly benefited both physically and mentally. I wish him all the success! I highly recommend anyone to take this course and learn from Master Jeya Siva. Sincerely,


Kumuthini Ponnuthurai

Annamalai Diploma Program – Year 2015 Initially, my main reason for taking this diploma was to study all the yoga terms in one of its native language Tamil (Thamizh), my mother tongue (Enathu Thai Mozhi). I am grateful for having Master Jeya Rajeen as my Guru and Guide during this term. This program gave me the opportunity to learn every aspect of yoga and how important it is to focus on each of them. I did not think much about doing meditation and pranayama before and my main interest was to be able to do all the asanas with proper posture and breathing. After going through this course, I learned to do kriyas, mudras, bandhas along with meditation, pranaya and asana. The course was designed in a way, that all these kriyas, mudras and bandhas are very well incorporated into our asana practice by the time we came to know about them and practice them. Learning the Sun Salutation with very energizing Sun Salutation Mandra, took that practice to another level for me.

Kirthiga Ravindran

I stepped into yoga not knowing what to expect, but master really made me not regret my choice. I saw great changes in my attitude, and physical body from the days I did practice yoga. I’ve honestly learned that yoga is a holistic form of art, and does not just focus on the physical poses, but the internal components of one. In addition, the most valuable part of my yoga experience with master was that he cared for each and every student individually, and he genuinely is concerned for your wellbeing. Trust me, making yoga a part of your life is the best choice you can make for yourself, and those around you.

Kajanan Sivapalan

I first came to yoga looking for a way to strengthen and balance my physical body. After the first couple classes I learnt that yoga not only enhances your physical body but also your mental state of mind. Through an year of this program, i was able to enhance my physical and mental body and felt myself become more calm. I have come to admire the class like a second home. I have nothing but praise for the course and would like to see the course grow larger and larger. I recommend this course for everyone and say there would would be no regret in joining.

Arvin Satpavanandanayagam

To be honest, I was forced to come to yoga. When I was young I really disliked yoga; it was like my enemy. But after going to a couple of classes, I really started to enjoy it. Now I have been going to yoga class for around 3 years and it keeps on getting better and better. I have a great master/guru in Jeya Rajeen. He has taught my classmates and I many poses and he has shared his knowledge of yoga with us. It is definitely a class you must take even if you dislike yoga. I guarantee you will enjoy the classes!