Master Yoga Inc 850, Tapscott Rd, Unit 4 Scarborough, ON M1X 1N4

Welcome to the Master Yoga School and Yoga. We have built our reputation as a premier Toronto yoga studio and training facility because of our faculty of some of Toronto’s top yoga instructors as well as the variety of classes and programs available to anyone, at any level in their yoga

practice. Our aim is to initiate you on the path of yoga and create a revolution in you, transforming you, your yoga practice and even that inner teacher. Master Yoga Canada is an endeavor to share the great yoga knowledge of ancient India; to revive it and to teach it in its original form. The goal is unity and balance; to make yoga a lifestyle; and to transform the lives of our students. Witnessing this transformation is our greatest reward.

Seeing our students smile brings a smile on our face, watching their energies come to equilibrium, our spirits soar. And seeing them become able teachers inspires us more in return. In fact, many of our former students are now teaching at Master Yoga Canada.